Hello, my name is DestinyMason! I'm fourteen years old, and I LOVE Terraria! So much that I started getting into the fandom. I was searching through the Terraria subreddit when I suddenly found a webcomic entitled "The Legend of Maxx". It was the funniest, coolest, and most epic webcomic I had ever read! Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end, so my search began for new Terraria webcomics began. So when I saw Myths of Terraria by ruiwen2002, I thought it was awesome that a fellow LoM and Terraria fan was inspired by TLoM and made a new webcomic sort of like it. After seeing a bunch of TLoM-inspired webcomics, I wanted to make my own, and so that's what the Legends of Utopia is! A Legend of Maxx-inspired webcomic filled with (hopefully) laughs, action, adventure, and emotion.



Here are some questions I have been asked, or might be asked in the future. Let's start with the most obvious one.


Um, is this a copy of "The Legend of Maxx"? No one likes a copycat.

Well, there might be a few few similarities, but down the road, there WILL be a lot more differences from TLoM. This webcomic will be more story oriented than just trying to collect four swords. The four swords WILL be collected along the way, but they aren't the main focus. The main focus of this story is trying to save Utopia from the Korpsion. You'll stop seeing most similarites from LoM at around comic #50.


Why is is called "The Legends of Utopia?" Why isn't it called "The Legend of Utopian?"

It's called "The Legends of Utopia" because it's not the story of Utopian. It's the story of Utopia. Why "The Legends"? Because Utopian and Kyle will not always be the main focus. Once their Legend is over, there will be another Legend, with another set of main characters, and a whole new story!


Why is the main protagonist named "Utopian"? That's a weird name.

It's explained in the story. I gave him that name for a reason. Just be patient :)


When are there new comics?

You can expect a new comic every Monday and Friday, at 11:30 Central Standard Time. If I happen to not upload for at least a month, then I'm dead. I'll tell you if I go on hiatus. I'm either dead, or I forgot about this comic entirely. Sorry :/ (PS: This may or may not be a joke.)


How do you make your comics?

The way I make my comics is kinda long, so I'll make a seperate page for that. Expect it soon!


What program do you use for making the comics?

I use Paint.NET for everything in the comic.


Well, I hope that's all the questions! If I see another frequently asked question, I'll put it here. I hope you enjoy my webcomic!